~Continuo or Small Positive Organs~

We have for sale several continuo organs. The standard model has 56 notes (CC-g3) and is transposable to lower pitch. The keyboard is on arms and lifts up slightly and and be retracted into the organ for protection and when it is time to move the organ. When the keyboard is in, it can be moved to the lower pitch without damage to any of the key action. The organs have two handles on each end that are removable. The instrument can be stood on end to reach the bung board under the windchests. The organ can be moved on a cart and pushed up a ramp for moving in a full size van.

The stoplist has 8' Stopped Diapason, 4' Chimney Flute, II Sesquialtera (from C1 to g3) and 2' Fifteenth. We have two nearly complete organs where the stop list can be customized to fit individual needs. These organs have the option of adding a single independant 8 pedal stop and 30 note pedalboard. The organs are 24" deep, 45" wide and 45" tall. Quiet operating bellows and organ blower is in a separate box. Bench provided. Price is $39,000.00.

We also have continuos available for rentals in the northeast area.

The continuo organs can be equipped with a 30 note pedalboard and an 8' Octave stop. This system connects to the main continuo instrument and uses the same air supply. The continuo organ can be easily removed from the pedal division for use in another location.