St. James Episcopal Church, Woodstock, VT
Photo Taken By: Len Lavasseur.

Since 1973, A. David Moore, Inc. of North Pomfret, Vermont, has custom designed and built tracker pipe organs that meet the highest standards of meticulous craftsmanship. Not satisfied with the quality control of materials from traditional vendors, the Moore firm has internalized production such that virtually all of the components in each organ are handmade from materials harvested or made on his ancestral farm: timbering, milling, smelting, hammering…all crafted by hand by David and his associates, Tom Bowen and John Atwood.

The Moore firm does not seek to create organs from pre-existing designs but to create unique instruments that enhance their client’s existing architecture, while still adhering to the exacting technical standards and traditions of historic European and American builders. The firm welcomes difficult design challenges from its clients. In particular, it specializes in solving difficult logistical problems such as space constraints, to maximize the instrument’s music making potential, while still respecting the integrity of the building in which it will be placed. We also welcome renovation projects, turning organs with severe mechanical and tonal problems into high quality instruments.

A full range of services are offered, including:

~ New organs
~ Restorations
~ Rebuilds
~ Continuo leasing
~ Tuning and regular maintenance
~ Consulting
~ Appraisals
~ Sales of a wide array of pipe organ parts.

A. David Moore, Inc. seeks to fulfill the musical aspirations of clients who are seeking to create custom built tracker organs that offer music making of the utmost quality that will blend harmoniously with their settings, however challenging, and that will be a joy to experience for generations to come.